About Us


Dr.Sertus is the manifestation of reliable and confident doctor who can be referred to for competent assistance any time (CERTUS is reliable, obvious, accurate (lat)). Despite of rapidly changing environment, daily life stress along with political and economical uncertainty, the key values of life like health and personal qualities remain unchanged. Dr. Sertus is an advanced pharmaceutical company committed to developing in rapidly changing environment and being a reliable solution partner for doctors of different specialties.


Being a doctor is not just a profession but vocation. Day by day doctors are communicating with absolute strangers, listening to the complaints, carrying out diagnostic maneuvers, and prescribing medications. Being real doctors, they know everything about their patients, they have managed to feel even what the patients don’t tell them. Doctors struggle with the diseases and with their patients’ fears, inspiring hope and bringing the patients to life. But sometimes they can also be confused how the patient will react to therapy prescribed. Will it be convenient for the patient to use this medicine? What if allergic reaction will appear? Doctors can’t afford expressing their doubts to the patients and to the majority of their colleagues, but they would like be secure in their prescribing and to have such a professional consultant. Dr. Sertus will be doctors’ pillar of support for their good cause. High-quality products along with scientific support of our company’s medical department will let the doctors become more and more confident for the sustainable success of their treatments.


The doctor is irrevocably trusted by his patients. The doctor is respected by his colleagues.  This is the doctor to be resembled by his students. The doctor understands patients sufferings. May this doctor  work at ease, think properly, and feel naturally. Dr. Sertus will be a solution partner who will always understand and support you.